Hall of Fame

Those eligible for the Hall of Fame award are men and women, who have had at least 25 years of continuous service as a member of CAAR. Nominee may be a living or deceased member of the association.

Award criteria are based on: made significant contributions to the community and the real estate industry; impacted the community through community service; engaged actively in real estate industry for a long time; cannot have been a previous Hall of Fame winner.

Award recipients are nominated as well as selected by the Past Presidents' Council. 
Congratulations to the following members for being inducted into the 2017 CAAR Hall of Fame: (in memoriam) Pat Jensen, Lori Chapman and Joe Aust.
Past honorees include:
Carol Clarke, Punkie Feil, William L. Howard, William P. May, and Pat Widhalm (2016)
Jenny Greenwood & Douglas Manley (2010)
Charley Armstrong & Jack Schwab (2008)
Art Keyser & Charlie Smith Jr. (2007)
Joseph Hearn & Roger Davis (2006)
Charlotte Ramsey (2005)
James L. Manley (2004)
Frank Kessler (2003)
Dave Rothwell (2002)
Al Matacia & Bill Gentry (1999)
Patricia Earle (1998)
Inez Haynes (1997)
Louise Amiss (1996)
George Barkley (1989)
Williston Clover (1988)
Joel Cohran (1987)
Pliney Cropp (1986)
Polly McGavock (1984)
Ben Miller (1983)
Percy Montague III (1982)
Donald Stevens (1981)
William Stevens (1980)
Ernest Wheeler (1979)
Roy Wheeler (1978)
Carroll Wright (1977)