Professional Honor Society

The CAAR Professional Honor Society was instituted by CAAR in 1996.CAAR members also receive awards for being part of the state and local professional honor societies. These REALTORS® earn points throughout the year in four focus areas: association involvement (attending events); professional development activities (earning certifications/designations or instructing real estate classes); leadership roles (serving on local, state or national committees or earning awards); and sales production.

Download the 2019 PHS form. The award deadline is Mon., Jan. 6th, 2020.

Download the 2019 PHS Point Tracker spreadsheet.*

*The Point Tracker excel spreadsheet coincides with the PHS form. There are five tabs corresponding to each section of the PHS form and then a tab for total points. The colors represent the following: 

Red = under the minimum amount of points needed
Green = the amount of minimum points to maximum points reached.

Please note that the "total points" cells will only show the maximum amount of points available, regardless how many points you have in the individual cells. 

**Attention Brokers** - If your office is a satellite location for agents to watch a remote General Membership Meeting (GMM), please keep a sign-in sheet and send it to That way agents will be properly documented in the database for attending the remote GMM and PHS points can be awarded. 

         CAAR 2018 PHS

61 REALTORS® Inducted into the 2018 CAAR Professional Honor Society

The Charlottesville Area Association of REALTORS® (CAAR) announced the induction of 61 REALTORS® into the 2018 class of the CAAR Professional Honor Society during a ceremony on Thursday, March 7th at the Glenmore Country Club. This prestigious accolade has been a long-standing award program at the state level and was instituted by CAAR in 1996 to recognize standards of industry excellence. A total of 188 different REALTORS® have reached this pinnacle achievement in the local program’s history. The 2018 class marks the 23rd year for six CAAR members and the first-year for nine members. The selection process for each year relies on four core areas: association involvement, professional development, leadership and volunteer participation, and the success in either production of sales or ability as a managing Broker. This event was sponsored by Atlantic Builders, Stony Point Design/Build, UVA Community Credit Union & Member Options, and Stanley Martin Homes. Photography provided by Tod Cohen Photography.

Congratulations to the following members in the 2018 CAAR Professional Honor Society:

1 - 4 Years | * First Year
Quinton Beckham*
Rachel Burns
Nikki Chambless*
Joy Collins
Emily Dooley*
Erin Garcia*
S. Lisa Herndon
Julie Holbrook
Errin Kardos-Searcy
Barbara Kelley*
Mary Katherine King
Georgia Lindsey
Katelyn Mancini*
Sabina Martin
Jodi Mills
Brentney Moore*
Tom Pace*
Michelle Pike
Jessica Russo
Keith Smith
Amanda Spigone
Kristin Cummings Streed
Wes Sury*
Josh White
5 Years 6 - 9 Years
Anne Burroughs
John Seidler
Yonna Smith
Tom Woolfolk
Debbie Cash
Dan Conquest
Jack Crocker
Pam Dent
Tele Jenifer
Tara Savage
10 Years 11 - 14 Years
Michael Guthrie
Kelly Ceppa
Brad Conner
Sasha Farmer
Kathy Markwood
Denise Ramey
John Updike
15 Years 16 - 19 Years
Gaby Hall
Byrd Abbott
Pat Crabtree
James Dickerson
Alice Fitch
Donna Patton
Sue Plaskon
Barbara Seidler
Greg Slater
Sabrina Thompson
20 Years 21 - 23 Years
Karen Kehoe
Pat Sury
Kim Armstrong
Rives Bailey
Tim Carson
Anita Dunbar
Percy Montague, IV
Trish Owens
Pat Widhalm
Arleen Yobs