Rising Star of the Year

Nominees should be REALTORS® who have an active salesperson's license of 18 consecutive months or less in the real estate business. The starting date when a nominee joined CAAR. Nominees should excel in production, education, and be involved in CAAR and the community.

The starting date will be when a nominee joined CAAR. Award criteria are based on: sales/leasing activity (40 points); education (30 points); and CAAR and community participation (30 points).

Congratulations to 2018 Rising Star of the Year Ashley Jurney of Town LLC!

Past honorees include:
Andrea Hubbell (2017)
Mike Terry (2016)
Heather Towe (2015)
Anne Burroughs (2014)
Elizabeth Feil Matthews (2013)
Jamie White (2012)
Karen Ball & Sasha Farmer (2008)
Lisa Mattise (2007)
Charles McDonald (2006)
Julie Kuhl (2005)
Jeff Whitaker (2004)
Marina Ringstrom & Steven Braden (2003)
Kristin Wray (2002)
Evonne C. Collins (2001)
Drake Van de Castle (2000)
Stacey L. Rivey (1999)
Kelen Kim Cooke & Pat Sury (1998)
Tara Savage (1997)
Susan Brady (1996)
Kristen Cummings Streed (1995)
Sybil Mahanes (1994)
Pat Jensen (1993)
T. Gail David & Elizabeth Turrisi (1992)
Tim Supler (1991)
Bob Hughes (1990)
Alice Mahone (1989)