Board of Directors Candidate Application

Board of Officers & Directors Candidate Application
Members of the Board of Officers & Directors are essential to CAAR's future and provide unique perspectives when voting on important Association motions and initiatives.

Following a CAAR Bylaws update in December 2021, the Board of Officers & Directors nominations and election process has changed. The following information outlines the procedures. If you have questions about the information, please contact the Candidate Review Committee ( | 434-817-2227).

Download the CAAR's Election of Officers & Directors Process Infographic.

The application window opened on Thurs., Aug. 31st and closed at Noon on Wed., Oct. 25th.

Six vacancies need to be filled - position, job descriptions, and criteria can be found below.

Thurs., Aug. 31st | 2024 Board of Officers & Director candidate application process opens
Wed., Oct. 11th | First announcement of Candidates to the membership
Wed., Oct. 25th, Noon | Final date to receive Board of Director candidate applications
Thurs., Oct. 26th | Second (final) announcement of Candidates to the membership
Wed., Nov. 1st, 9:30 a.m. | Election opens for CAAR primary and secondary members
Thurs., Nov. 2nd, 9 -10:30 a.m. | CAAR’s Annual Business Meeting and General Membership Meeting
Thurs., Nov. 2nd, 9:30 a.m. | Election closes; Candidate Review Committee tallies votes
Thurs., Nov. 2nd, 5 p.m. | Election results announced by close of business

Want to Nominate a REALTOR® for an Officer or Director Position?
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CAAR's Election of Officers & Directors Process InfographicCandidate Review Committee (CRC)
  • Tom Woolfolk, Chair
  • Pam Dent, Immediate Past President
  • Peg Gilliland, Member
  • Hal Johnson, Member
  • Tom Pace, Member
  • Yonna Smith, Member
The CRC will confirm eligibility of each candidate. Should there be a question regarding eligibility for an applicant, the Chair shall request additional information, in writing, from the applicant in question. The CRC shall not interview applicants.

Board Members Completing Terms of Dec. 6, 2023
  • Pam Dent, Immediate Past President
  • Josh White, Treasurer
  • Amanda Spigone, Director
  • Rives Bailey, Director
  • Georgia Lindsey, Director
  • Errin Searcy, Director
2024 Vacant Board of Officers & Directors Positions and Job Descriptions
President-Elect (1 vacancy)
  • Acts for the President in the President’s absence
  • Performs other duties as requested by the President
  • Automatically succeeds to President and then Immediate Past President
  • Serves as a member of the Executive Committee and Budget and Finance Committee; Chairperson of the Investment Review Committee; Chairperson of the Strategic Planning Project Team
  • Represent CAAR at the National Association of REALTORS® and Virginia REALTORS® events; approx. 4-5 each year
Treasurer (1 vacancy)
  • 1-year term
  • Shall be responsible for the supervision and maintenance of all Association financial records
       o Will serve as a member of the Executive Committee and Operations Group; Chairperson of the Budget & Finance Committee
  • Represent CAAR at the National Association of REALTORS® and Virginia REALTORS® events; approx. 4-5 each year
3- year Director (3 vacancies)
  • 3-year term o Serve as Board Liaison to CAAR Master Groups
1-year Director (1 vacancy)
  • 1-year term o Serve as Board Liaison to CAAR Master Groups
Per the CAAR Policy & Procedures Manual, the responsibilities of Board of Directors members include, but are not limited to the following:
  • General charge of the affairs of the Association, as commonly authorizes in a Board of Directors, and delegate such authority and adopt such rules and regulations as may be deemed proper and not in conflict with the CAAR Bylaws.
  • Approve the annual program/budget. • Recommend changes to the Association mission, vision and strategic plan.
  • Employ and discharge the Chief Executive Office and may prescribe his/her functions.
  • Approve the Policy & Procedures Manual.
  • Consider requests and recommendation of the project teams and working groups.
  • Prepare for and attend the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting plus any special meeting called by the President or 2/3 of the Board of Directors.
  • During their term of service, attend: Board of Directors Meeting, designated liaison committee, group or specialty group meetings, special events, Day on the Hill, and other events as requested (i.e., Leadership Training, Professional Standards Training, General Membership Meetings including Annual Meeting and Installation). 
Candidate Eligibility Criteria
Minimum candidate eligibility requirements are:

  1. Shall complete the application.
  2. Shall have been a REALTOR in good standing for at least three (3) successive years immediately preceding candidacy, 18 months of which shall be as a member of the Charlottesville Area Association of REALTOR®.
  3. Shall be actively engaged in the business of real estate as defined by the VREB Real Estate Regulations at the time of candidacy.
  4. Shall disclose any finding of violation against their license due to direct action of the candidate by the Virginia Real Estate Board or similar state regulatory authority within the last five (5) years as well as any previous felony convictions.
  5. Shall disclose any instances within the preceding five (5) years in which the candidate has been found by a professional standards hearing panel to have violated the REALTORS® Code of Ethics. This requirement is for self-disclosure by a candidate for Board of Directors, and in no way compels disclosure of otherwise confidential information by the Association or other party. Any candidate waives any right of confidentiality against any REALTOR® Association that may notify CAAR of any failure to disclose a previous violation.
  6. Shall sign a commitment statement indicating that, if elected, candidate will faithfully fulfill all duties, including meeting attendance and participation, and will serve and abide by the Association’s Policies and Procedures.
Candidates shall be deemed ineligible if:
  1. They have a Code of Ethics or Department of Occupational and Regulation Department violation within the last three (3) years.
  2. Any violation of the public trust as per Article 10 of the Code of Ethics within the last five years.
Candidate requirements:
  1. The positions of Treasurer and President-Elect are not sequential. The positions are elected separately and holding the office of Treasurer is not a prerequisite to seeking election to the office of President-Elect.
  2. Specific requirements for the President-Elect and Treasurer positions shall include:
          a. Having served:
                i. as a Director or Officer of CAAR;
                ii. another REALTOR association;
                iii. served on the board of another organization within the  last three (3) years

           b. All other requirements for Directorships (see Job Descriptions section above).
Board Candidate Webpage
The candidate webpage shall be the primary method of campaigning or disseminating candidate information outside of direct contact by the candidate with the members.

The following items about each candidate will be made available to the general membership beginning Thurs., Oct. 11th:
  • Applications (required)
  • Accurate contact information (required)
  • Written statement and/or a video of no more than three (3) minutes (optional)
Candidate Campaign Parameters
  • Candidates are allowed to communicate directly with the voting membership in person, via phone calls, emails or other forms of communications.
  • In no case shall a candidate be allowed to utilize a service or place an advertisement or other forms of campaigning costing more than $100 per election.
  •  In person contact is the preferred method of campaigning, should a candidate decide to do so.
  • No candidate shall be permitted to campaign during CAAR-sponsored events.
Board of Officers & Directors Ballot
The Ballot shall consist of all candidates verified as eligible by the CRC for the position which they have applied. Each vacancy will be filled by the candidate who receives the highest vote count for that position. In the event there is more than one vacant seat for the same term of years, candidates shall be elected sequentially according to the highest vote count.

Should the number of vacancies exceed the number of applicants for Director positions, with consent of the candidate, the candidate with the highest vote count who was not elected to their preferred term, may be installed to the next lower open seat. This shall not be applicable to an officer position although officer candidates may choose to accept an open vacant directorship for which there was no candidate. The CRC shall make the determination and obtain consent from the candidates prior to the election taking place.

The election of Officers and Directors shall take place at the Annual Meeting by the tabulation of ballots cast in person at the meeting and ballots submitted within 24 hours prior to the tabulation of votes at the meeting by electronic facsimile or other legally recognized methods of voting. Printed ballots shall contain the names of all candidates and the offices for which they applied. Ballots submitted prior to the tabulation of votes at the meeting, as per accepted methods, shall be effective when received and certified by the CRC. Such ballots may be revoked by a member in person. For the purpose of determining whether the quorum requirements for elections of elected officers and directors are met, ballots received by electronic facsimile or in person shall be counted toward the required number or percentage of votes in the same manner as votes cast at the meeting in person.

The CRC will verify results at the close of the election. Elected officers and directors will be announced at the close of the Annual Business Meeting. In the case of a tie vote, the issue shall be determined by a runoff election to occur within seven (7) business days.