MLS Only Member

What is a MLS Only Participant?
This type of participation applies only to those firms, brokers, agents that are primary REALTOR® with another REALTOR® association in the State of Virginia.

  • The broker must be a current participant or willing to join as the responsible participant.
  • A "Letter of Good Standing" from the REALTORS® primary board is required and may be sent to
  • For complete details and application, please submit your request to Tiffany Vann,
Questions? Contact

Payment required before membership can be granted. Membership dues and fees are non-refundable. Acceptance forms of payment include:
  • Cash
  • Check - make check payable to CAAR
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
SentriLock lockbox key service is available with MLS participation if desired. At this time, we fully reciprocate to open boxes with Greater Piedmont AOR and Harrisonburg AOR. Cost and application to participate in our key system will be included in the application packet.
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CAAR Products & Services
  • Full MLS access (Paragon)
  • Optional Commercial MLS access (Catalyst)
  • Optional property access with SentriLock