Data Feeds

What is a data feed?
A data feed is a defined set of listing data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) provided to a brokerage, agent, vendor, or other authorized entity.

What is a data feed license?
The data feed license authorizes an agent, broker, or vendor to receive listing content from CAAR-GAAR-HRAR for use as defined by the terms of the license. Access to CAAR-GAAR-HRAR data will not be granted until an agreement is in place with both the Vendor and the Brokerage.

What listing data feeds are available?
CAAR-GAAR-HRAR offers feeds for the Internet Data Exchange (IDX), Internet Data Exchange+ (IDX+), Virtual Office Website (VOW), and Brokerage Back Office products.

The lDX data product offers access to the listing content that is most often used to create “home” search internet products. The listing content in this data product includes the following statuses:
• Active
• Active w/Kick out

The IDX+ data product offers all of the content included in the IDX data feed PLUS Sold data content for use in an Automated Valuation Model (AVM). This Sold data is not for public display.
• Active
• Active w/Kick out
• Sold - Limited to data within the last 36 months

The Virtual Office Website (or VOW) data product gives access to the content necessary to provide virtual office real estate services to your buyer and seller clients. The listing content provided with this data product contains listing information and media content for all listings. The listing content in this data product includes the following statuses:
• Active
• Active w/Kick out
• Sold - Limited to data within the last 36 months
• Pending

The Back Office product includes more sensitive listing information, including listing expiration dates. No public record information is given. The Back Office data product allows brokers to streamline back-office brokerage functions by importing CAAR-GAAR-HRAR listings associated with the firm into listing management and accounting tools, and displays the firm's active listings on the firm's website. The Back Office product is not available for agents. The listing content provided in this data product includes all listing statuses.

I'm a REALTOR®, how do I get started?
Your broker will need to contact the CAAR-GAAR-HRAR IDX Administrator via email at and let them know the product or products you wish to use and the name and contact information for the vendor you want to work with.

I'm a new vendor, how do I get started?
Vendors wishing to set up a new account with CAAR, email and request a New Vendor License Application. When the license application is completed, an invoice will be sent for the $350 set-up fee. Once final payment of the annual fee is made and a completed Broker-Vendor Agreement is signed by all parties (vendor, CAAR CEO, Broker), then a RETS feed will be initiated and credentials assigned.

What are the applicable fees?
CAAR-GAAR-HRAR charges a $600 annual fee to the vendor handling the data for brokers and agents. If the Brokerage will be handling the feed directly without the assistance of a third-party vendor, then the Brokerage will be responsible for the payment. No annual fee will be charged for Back Office feeds. New vendors will be charged a one-time set-up fee of $350.

In what format is the data distributed?
CAAR-GAAR-HRAR distributes listing data and photos exclusively through RETS. IDX and VOW data feeds are required to have at least one photograph displayed. Each listing can have up to 50 photographs; displaying all 50 photographs is up to the discretion of the subscriber.

Who do I contact with questions?
Please direct questions to the CAAR-GAAR-HRAR IDX Administrator via email at The email should include a detailed description of the question or issue you’d like to address, your CAAR-GAAR-HRAR username, and your email and phone number where you can be reached. The IDX administrator will respond to you as quickly as possible during business hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.