Master Groups

Read below and get a better idea of each Master Group and/or Committee does. Project Teams are created as needed, per Master Group. If you click on a Master Group hyperlink then you will be relocated to that particular Master Group and/or Committee page, where you can read past Meeting Minutes, see who the Chair and Vice-Chair are, and more.
Communications Master Group
Responsible for the distribution of CAAR's message to both the members and to the public. Areas of responsibility include:
  • Member communications (e.g., e-newsletter, surveys, etc.)
  • Member recognition and awards
  • Media relations
  • Website feedback and guidance
  • Community involvement
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Group
Responsible for:
  • Create and preserve an unwavering focus on policies, procedures, and practices that uphold the values of DEI
  • Build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive Association that spreads across leadership by removing barriers to access and opportunity
  • Provide a DEI lens and offers feedback and insight on issues impacting the Association and/or local real estate industry
  • Bring influential speakers to broaden our mindset and change the way we think or approach issues and situations
MLS Master Group
Responsible for all electronic member services. Areas of responsibility include:
  • MLS systems and policies
  • MLS data collection
  • MLS data sharing and distribution
Operations Master Group
The main administrative arm of CAAR. Areas of responsibility include:
  • Budgeting
  • Volunteer leadership recruitment/recommendations
  • Maintaining CAAR governing documents (e.g., Bylaws, Policy Manual, etc.)
  • Oversight of professional standards, mediation and arbitration procedures
Professional Development Master Group
Responsible for helping CAAR members become more professional, ethical and successful. Areas of responsibility include:
  • Monitoring risk issues
  • Providing CAAR members with continuing education & single track post licensure classes
  • Designation course selection
  • Professional networking within the membership
  • Affiliate services and spring/fall education events
Public Affairs Master Group
Responsible for many aspects of the Association that involve public policy or real estate market conditions. Areas of responsibility include:
  • REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) & candidate review
  • Free Enterprise Forum partnership
  • Local issues advocacy
  • State issues advocacy (including REALTOR® Day on the Hill

Professional Standards Committee (REALTORS® only - no webpage available)
*Please note - The Professional Standards training is hosted by Virginia REALTORS® in January - Mid-March. If you complete a Volunteer From after Mid-March, then you will have to wait until next year to serve this group.
Responsible for enforcement of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Committee members serve on Grievance review, Ethical and Arbitration complaint hearing panels. Each committee member is required to attend one Professional Standards Road Show training session a year to maintain panel member status. Road Shows may provide CE credit for RCE designation or toward re-certification. This committee is a year-long commitment but will only meet when needed. REALTOR® members only for this committee. No meeting minutes available.

REALTORS® Political Action (RPAC) Committee
RPAC is key to protecting the real estate industry. The committee will create, promote, build awareness, support, and encourage participation for RPAC programs, events (e.g., Major Investors dinner), and contributions. This committee is a year-long commitment but will only meet when needed. No meeting minutes available.

Young Professionals Network (YPN) Planning Committee
Responsible for building a new, diverse generation of leaders, strengthening members’ affinity for the REALTOR® brand early in their career, and gaining a valuable perspective on generational shifts. This group is also responsible for planning, promoting, and executing YPN events and charity activities (e.g., securing YPN sponsors, etc.).

Ready to Volunteer?
Complete the 2024 Volunteer Form today! Volunteering on a Master Group, Project Team, or Committee counts toward the CAAR and state Honor Society.

The 2024 volunteer recruitment period runs from Mon., Oct. 16th - Fri., Dec. 8th (new deadline)

A staff liaison will contact you in December 2023 with an email invitation to serve that describes the volunteer opportunity available to you. At that time, you will have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer.

If you have submitted a form after the recruitment period, you will still be added to a 2023 interested volunteer list. This list will be used as new project teams are developed.