MLS Changes

  MLS Changes

December 2023
The Board of Directors approved the newest version of the MLS Rules & Regulations (R&Rs), which will go into effect on Mon., Dec. 4th. The newest R&Rs document can be found in the Paragon MLS system, in the "MLS Documents" section, followed by the "CAAR MLS Rules and Regulations" folder.

General Summary of MLS Rules & Regulations Document Changes

  1. Master Group now referred to as Committee.
  2. Listings are no longer required to show a dollar figure greater than zero. The updated verbiage states “The compensation, if any, specified on listings published with the MLS shall be displayed.”
  3. Business Day is defined.
  4. Updated appendices references.
  5. Formatting and grammatical clean up.
  6. Section 4 – Refusal to Sell was eliminated.
  7. Section 16 – Orientation was eliminated.

Paragon MLS Platform Changes

  1. Users will now have the option to check the box “Commissions minus closing costs Y/N” in the Agent Information container when marking a property sold.
  2. The module to “Add Listing” and maintain unpublished, partial listings in Paragon Connect is now available. Subscribers can start and complete a new listing from their mobile device.
  3. The “Add Listing” module also allows for a fast, simple way to upload photos directly from your mobile device to a completed or partial listing.

September 2023
Effective Thurs., Sept. 28th, "Master" has been changed to "Primary" when referencing bed and bath terminology.

April 2023

Effective Mon., Apr. 3rd, the following Paragon MLS system changes will be implemented:

Internet Pick List Options
When “other” is selected:

  • A write in box labeled “Describe Internet” will appear and provide up to 150 characters for agents to provide more detail.
  • Applied across residential, land, multifamily, and rental classes.
Room Location
When # of rooms and bathrooms are entered in the Standard Container:

  • A field rule would require subscriber to enter the information for all those rooms in the Rooms Container.
  • If # of Bedrooms= 4, Bedroom must be selected in Rooms Container 4 times (no more, no less). If Full Baths=2, Full Baths must be entered in at least 2 times in the Rooms Container.
  • All rooms identified in the Rooms Container must include a level.
  • Size of the room is not required.
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May 2022
The Board of Directors approved the newest version of the MLS Rules & Regulations (R&Rs), which will go into effect on Wed., June 1st. Review the changes in red for Section 13.2.


For failure to pay any subscription fee, monthly compilation fee, violation fine or late fee within thirty (30) days of the date due, and provided that a least ten (10) business days' notice has been given, the Service, including MLS compilations, shall be suspended until all past due fees are paid in full. A $25 reinstatement fee will apply once suspended.

Download the newest version of the MLS R&Rs.

March 2022

The Board of Directors approved the newest version of the MLS Rules & Regulations (R&Rs), which coincides with the Tues., Mar. 1st, 2022 National Association of REALTORS® MLS mandates.

Download the newest version of the MLS R&Rs.

Download a summary of MLS R&R changes for Tues., Mar. 1st, 2022 roll out.

The above documents are also available in Paragon < MLS Documents < CAAR MLS Rules & Regulations folder.

Please note - the most significant changes to your daily operations include:

1. Section 2.19 – Lockboxes: CAAR lockbox must contain a key; it cannot contain a code to a contractor’s lockbox.

2. Section 2.16 – Public Fields/Internet Remarks: examples of inappropriate information in these fields has been updated.

3. Section 2.2.1 & Appendix G – Comp Only Listings: Comp Only listings MUST be real property.

4. Section 3.5 – Reporting Sales to the Service: Sales reported within 48 hours of settlement (not recordation)

5. Section 7.5 – Subscription Fees: Clarified to be quarterly billing with payment due within 30 days of billing date.

6. Section 7.8 – Late Fees: Updated 30-day, 45-day, and 60-day late fees for MLS & key subscriptions.

February & March 2021
The Board of Directors approved an updated version of the MLS R&Rs, which coincides with the Mon., Mar. 22nd, 2021 MLS changes to accommodate the Bright MLS data share agreement.

Download a summary of MLS R&Rs changes for Mon., Mar. 22nd, 2021 roll out.